“Search For Knowledge” Prologue



Four tiny suns washed out the sky casting a mauve twilight over the dragon council. The dismal little planet was their original home world, situated in a solar system that had drifted outside the galactic disk. Now it resided in a globular cluster of dying stars. The dragon lords never stayed for long, but it remained the preferred “in-between planets” meeting ground.

Dragons of every age and size filled the small amphitheater-like valley. The dominant green dragon clan took the place of honor on the field, but equal numbers of reds, blues and silvers lined the sloped hills and rocks. The hiss of their steamy breath the only sound as they listened to the report.

A medium-sized female green paced the center of the circle before two very large male dragons. One green, the other blue. “Lords Elvin and Jenska, the humans on Sendek have made a course change.”

The blue nodded to his companion who spoke their shared question.

“How does this concern us?”

“For the first time we may be able to return to a seeded planet. They need our help, and at this time are willing to be instructed.”

The blue dragon made a low chuffing sound and rubbed his foreleg across his chest. “I remember my last day on Sendek. Men do not want to be instructed. I have the scars to prove it.”

“Lord Elvin! That body does not carry the scars of the old one.” The female scolded.

Dragons hissed and snorted, some in shock others in the effort not to laugh. Jewel may not have held a high rank in the council, but that had never stopped her from speaking her mind. Especially when Lord Elvin was concerned.

“Maybe not physically, but they are there all the same my jewel. I’ve missed you Della.” He swung his head closer but Della hopped out of his reach.

“Don’t change the subject.” Her eyes glittered as she rounded back on him. “The magic has awakened once more and our descendants need guidance. Your guidance.”

“What do you think Jenska?” Elvin deferred to the green dragon at his side.

“It is too great a risk. We should continue to the next world. Perhaps this time we will get it right.”

Della tipped her head back and roared. “I tell you I’ve searched their minds. Sendek still has the potential for success. They’ve made great strides on their own. They’ve protected their wild lands, the air quality is better than when you left, and they are reaching out to the stars.”

“Other’s have reached the stars, but their hearts were not ready to be one with us.” Elvin spoke low but all could hear his voice in their minds.

“Stubborn man.”

“I’m no longer a man, just as you are no longer a woman. We are more than we were.”

“You are the same spirit that lived in the body of a man. I met the children of our love. Sendek requires a second look.”

Silence filled the chilly air as every dragon held their breath. Della looked over their numbers. Did they understand how desperately she wanted this? Her children’s children had survived the Signum’s purging. Their descendents now knew the strength of magic, but they lacked boundaries.

Jenska shattered the stillness with his deep baritone. “How do you know they are yours?”

“The female has his eyes, and I could smell him in her blood.” She paused to take a deep breath, “And her lover has my markers. They are ours and they have found each other the way we did centuries ago.”

Elvin left his spot and paced a tight circle between Della and Jenska. Every muscle tense, his breath sporadic. When he spoke, it was low and directed solely toward Della.

“I’m curious my jewel, but we must think of the dragon-kin. They’ve allowed us to be reborn as one of them. We must protect them at all costs and not give in to our human desires.” He turned his gaze to Jenska and then all the other dragons in the valley. “We will proceed to the chosen planet. Perhaps we will have better luck in this new system.”

The multitude of heads nodded in the air.

“That is wise my friend.” Jenska stretched his wings. “We leave by sundown.”

The dragons flew off to finish preparations for opening a portal between worlds, but Della waited to speak to her husband alone. She circled him once, feeling the heat from his body, before standing in front of him once more.

“You know they have the potential to join us in their next life.”

“That isn’t enough of a reason for us to get involved with an entire planet.”

“There are others. Without guidance they will fall back into war. I don’t want their current peace shattered.”

“Whatever peace they’ve achieved is an illusion. It’s not in their nature to welcome it for long.” Elvin’s great sides expanded with his giant sigh. “Even now I crave more action.”

“Are you forgetting that when we bonded with dragons, we made them better as surely as they made us better?” Della stretched out her neck and rested her head next to Elvin’s. “Our hot emotions push us forward. The dragons have stagnated for millennia. We can help them reach their goal, but you’ve got to stop deferring to everything Jenska says.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“What if we planted the seed of religion like they did on Orek?” Della pulled back to look him in the eye.

“It’s too late for that.”

“I’m not giving up.”

Elvin stepped forward until their chests touched and then he wrapped his neck around hers, “I don’t want you to.”



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