Works In Progress

The Sendek Saga

Sequels to The Magic Wakes

Book two in the Sendek Saga, The Search for Knowledge.

The first draft is finished!! 1/11/14

It will sit for a couple of weeks while I finish FIM below.

Demon Rising–connecting novella between The Magic Wakes and Search For Knowledge. Introduction of the new antagonist as well as answering a few questions about the new mage before Talia heads to Orek.

Book three in the Sendek Saga–Battle for Sendek. More to come.

Book four in the Sendek Saga, the final installment–Here There Be Dragons. More to come.

Fade Into Me

YA Contemporary Fantasy



Everything you’ve ever heard about human evolution is a lie, but what is the truth?
Aliens live among us, sentenced to watch over and nurture their greatest mistake.
The alien, Caedmon Frey, feels trapped as the heir to the throne in the year of Reparation. He must marry a human in an attempt to repair the mistakes of his ancestors. It won’t be hard to convince one to marry him. After all he is a prince with more to offer than any human on earth. If only he believed marriage to a human would help his people.
Eighteen year old Ryanne Killian doesn’t believe in love or magic. Events in her past have convinced her that she’ll never be worthy of her ‘happy ever after’. The scars on her heart are almost as tangible as those on her back. Everything will change when the pull of Anamchara magic puts her in Caedmon’s arms, but is that reason enough to marry him?
Time is running out and old enemies


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