My New Role Over at Unicorn Bell

Most of you know that I co-host a writing/critique blog called Unicorn Bell. There are currently 5 of us over there trying to give back to the writing community. We are looking for two more people to moderate with us. You can read all about that HERE.

We are also dividing our talents and each moderator is focusing on one specific area. And guess what I decided I want to do?

Blogfests and contests!

I want to bring the fun back! We are going to enjoy writing again for the sake of writing. Whether it be something serious or silly, we want to write something just to see if we can. No strings or expectations attached.

We will have several throughout the year and anyone and everyone is invited to play. I’ll make sure I advertise them over here as well.

Here are some of the ideas we’re tossing around…

Love is in the Air
Twisted Fairy Tales–genre wars
Breathe More, Talk Less–dive into the senses, little to no dialogue
Critique Partner Pitches–you’ve got to sell yourself!
Facebook Blog Hop–no strings attached, just a list to browse and find new friends
Action vs. Suspense

Contests (with prizes!)
100 word Drabble–use specific words
1st Paragraphs or Pages
3 line Pitches
Every Which Way the Wind Blows–Themed topic
Dialogue Challenge–Dialogue between two people, no tags. Can you make it work?
QueryCon 2014–Our annual 3 week intensive workshop and agent/editor judged query workshops

I obviously won’t get to do all of them, so which ones peak your interest? 
Anything else you’d love to see as a blogfest? 
Tell medown in the comments.

Now, for our first blogfest of 2014…in honor of the quickly approaching Valentine’s day…

It’s a celebration of that little thing called love. Be it steamy or sweet, puppy, kitty, teen, aggravating, first kiss or final goodbye, let your scene tug at our heartstrings.

Head over to UB to sign up in the Linky.


About charitybradford

Science fiction and fantasy writer and blogger. My first novel is now available--The Magic Wakes (WiDo Publishing, 2013)

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  1. If I wasn't already co-hosting a blogfest at that time, I'd join!
    Like the sound of the third one. That's something I've worked hard on to add to my writing.

  2. Twisted Fairy tales and Critique are my fave bloghops on your list. I think these contests and hops are a great idea. Wishing you the best with Unicorn Bell as well Charity.

  3. Thanks Alex! Wish I'd doubled checked your schedule before picking our date. The good news is we will be spending the entire week talking about our favorite posts from the blogfest. Hope that will still pull in some participants. 🙂

    The senses are so important to writing and our lives in general, so why is it often the last thing we think to add?

  4. Thanks Sheeena-kay! So far those are two of my favorite ideas as well. We will have to do them for sure. Good luck to you with all your goals this years as well.

  5. Twisted Fairy Tales sounds very intriguing. It will be fun to see how things go with the blogfest and contests 🙂

  6. The action vs. suspense sounds good because I don't think anyone's done it. But all of them are great ideas! Now, where to put your focus…

    Happy 2014, Charity!

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