Whimsical Wednesday and Getting Ready for Nanowrimo

It’s Wednesday and I don’t have anything smart to blog about. I’ll just do some thinking out loud instead. Sort of a prep for Nanowrimo.

It’s coming up quick and my mind is still split in two. I want to just relax and enjoy Nano. Write something completely new that has no pressure attached to it. However, I’ve been dragging my feet all year when it comes to completing a workable first draft of Talia’s sequel. I’ve played around with scenes and situations. Up to 50K even. And then I threw most of it away because it was completely indulgent. Fun for me, but most likely boring for everyone else.

What to do??

I’ll probably “rebel” Nano again this year. That’s what they call it when you make the process work for you. Every year is this way for me. I think that’s how it should be. My guess is I’ll plan to write on The Search for Knowledge but when I’ll work on Fade Into Me (which is plotted to the end and just needs writing) or Last Christmas.

Who knows what I’ll end up with by the end. If I’m lucky, I’ll get a very rough, but complete draft that I can work on after Christmas and maybe finish Fade Into Me. If my family cooperates I know I can do this.

Are you participating in Nano this year? What do you plan to write?

If you are participating feel free to add me as a buddy–solstice1974.

Here are links to posts I wrote in years past to help prepare for Nano.
Plotting vs Pantsing
Story Structure
Character Development
World Building
Conflict vs Crisis
Resources and Procrastination Links


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  1. In other words, you're still not sure what you'll be working on. In one week, whatever calls the strongest, just dive in and do it.

  2. Yep. And I think at the moment that's the only plan that will work. 🙂 Thanks Alex!

  3. I just signed up on the NaNo site. I am still unclear about how to navigate around that thing. If I can figure out how to add buddies, I will add you.As for your writing, all of that self-indulgent writing you did on the sequel might be enough to give you the framework to actually write something substantial in November. Whatever… you will figure it out!

  4. Yeah…not for me. I function poorly under that kind of pressure. That probably wouldn't be the case if my work load was a little lighter. *sigh* You can wish in one hand and spit in the other, but which will get full faster? (Sorry, that's a little gross. Came from my cowboy grandpa.)

  5. LOL! I love that Crystal. Wishing takes up a lot of time that I could be spending writing.

  6. Yeah, they just changed it again this year so even us old timers are stumbling around. And I hope you're correct about all that other writing being helpful in the end.

  7. I'm doing Nano this year and plan to start an old story I've been procrastinating. Best of luck.

  8. So, Friday, Nov 1st is going to surprise you with what you start writing? Sounds like a plan.Me, I'm not doing NaNo. Because my brain doesn't work like that. And I'm so behind on things that I just don't have the time. (It's been a helluva week.)

  9. I'm being a NaNo rebel and writing the backstory to my current WIP. So I'll be writing short stories, flash fiction, or who knows, maybe a whole nother story, but I plan to just use it as FYI for me. Who knows, maybe I'll publish the short stories one day after my novel is finally finished!

  10. I did that one year! It was an awesome year and I did use bits and pieces to flesh out the story I was exploring. Good luck!

  11. Surprises can be good, right? It's good you know how your brain works. I'm still trying to figure that one out. Get some sleep and good luck getting caught up!

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