STELLAR CLOUD is Free Today for Kindle!

The only place I’m advertising this special is here and on my twitter account. Why you might ask? Because I want the followers that have supported me all these years to get it for free. Go grab it and then come back to vote for your favorite short story.

Just click HERE

Saturday I went to my first writer’s conference.

I learned so much and had several, “I wish I’d done this BEFORE publishing my first novel.” It was actually getting a bit old to think that when the final keynote speaker set me straight.

Don’t worry, I’m going to blog all about it over the next month…Starting with next Wednesday’s IWSG post. Yeah, definitely come back on October 2nd because I’m going to try and summarize the best talk on perspective and being happy with yourself that I’ve ever heard.

Regina Sirois, you ROCK!


About charitybradford

Science fiction and fantasy writer and blogger. My first novel is now available--The Magic Wakes (WiDo Publishing, 2013)

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  1. Thanks Alex! Hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  2. Ooooohhhh! This is awesome, Charity. And I look forward to the lessons learned you have to share 🙂

  3. Oh my. That is some astounding cover art. I'll be downloading it this evening.

  4. Congrats on getting to go, i can't wait for my first.

  5. I hope you get to go to one soon. It really was amazing to be with people who are as neurotic as me and just as focused on writing. Plus, a whole day with no one calling you mom was pretty great too. 🙂

  6. Thanks! I need to sit down and start drafting these posts while it's fresh.

  7. Thanks! I'll let my brother-in-law know you like it. You might recognize at least two of the stories in the anthology since you've critiqued them for me in the past. Hope you like the changes.

  8. What about Nook?Yeah, I should have known better and got a Kindle. My own fault. I blame my parents. They bought a Betamax back in the day…

  9. Right now it's just on kindle with their select program. You can download the free kindle app for the computer.

  10. I'm glad you liked it! I've got to find a big one to try out. I've only been to smaller ones. Hope things with the book are going well!

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