Travel is Almost Over

It’s been a busy summer. Not as much relaxing by the pool as I had hoped, but still a good summer with the kids. The best part is it hasn’t been miserably hot the whole time.

I’m still in TN for another few days, but I’m ready to go home. I love my family and I always enjoy the time we have to spend together. However, I’m a creature of habit and coming to the end of summer I’m desperate to get back to a routine. My nerves and writing are frazzled beyond belief.

Here are my goals for the last two weeks of summer vacaton:

Week 1:

Staycation with hubby and the kids Aug 5-10
Goal: Have as much fun as possible. And sneak in some writing in the wee hours of the morning while everyone is sleeping. Projects to focus on–Fade Into Me, Stellar Cloud and the new non-fiction project I gave into this week.

I think we plan on doing some caving, hanging out at the pool, finish decorating my kitchen, school shopping (I think it’s tax free week, unless I missed that already) and a local petting zoo that everyone says we MUST go to.

Week 2

Make sure the kids have everything they need for school (which reminds me I still need to switch kid #3’s school registration), get oldest in to get her driving permit (scary!) and settle back into a normal schedule for meals/bedtime/wake up/cleaning and exercise. This will have me ready to slip back into full time writing as soon as everyone is back in class.

Unless I get a job. *sigh* I may have to get a job which will make it even harder to get these writing projects done.  I’m so spoiled that I really don’t want to get a job. What in the world am I qualified to do anyway??


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Science fiction and fantasy writer and blogger. My first novel is now available--The Magic Wakes (WiDo Publishing, 2013)

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  1. You're qualified to proofread and edit! And write. If you do get a job, just don't let it overwhelm you.

  2. I feel the same way about getting a job. But I'm sure you'll find something if you have to!

  3. I'm in the same boat as you on the job thing. Although, I'm not finding much…

  4. The rest of your summer sounds like it could be fun. But I agree having a routine is a wonderful thing.The job thing sucks. I went through that a couple of years back and it is hard putting yourself out there but I'm sure you'll do fine.

  5. My sister writes research based articles for companies. I know there are freelance writing gigs out there all over the place, and I've totally debated going for one or two… But gosh, who has the time? I hope the rest of your summer is AWESOME.

  6. Speaking of freelance writing, there's a website where you can upload random articles in the hopes that someone might buy one. So, there are writing gigs out there.

  7. Try to see if you can get a job from home so it will be easier for your writing time. Have fun with the family!

  8. I had a heart-stopping moment when I first saw your email in my inbox. Instead of "My Writing Journey: Travel is Almost Over", at first glance I saw, "My Writing Journey is Almost Over". WHAT?! Thank goodness it was a misread! I hope you have a wonderful last two weeks of summer. 🙂

  9. Just tell your husband, and your bill collectors, that you don't have time for a job because you need to write. 🙂 Look on writing as more of an investment!

  10. Thanks Alex. I think I'd enjoy proofing and editing. Like I said though, I'm spoiled to being my own boss and wonder if I could "play well with others". LOL

  11. Thanks Emily! Here's to making "Author" the one and only job. 😉

  12. *sigh* That's what I'm afraid of so I haven't even started looking. I may just check out the temp agency.Good luck Beth!

  13. Thanks Jai. It probably is that first step that's going to be the hardest. The good think is I genuinely like people, so as long as I find a job where I can talk to people all day it should be fine.

  14. Good idea! I'll have to look into that as well. Hubby thinks I should ask my publisher if they need more editors, but they just hired three new ones so I doubt it at the moment.

  15. Interesting. What's the website?

  16. That would be ideal. Hubby also suggested babysitting. Um, NO! I finally got all my kids in school and will pass on watching other people's kids. I just don't have the patience I used to have for that.

  17. Ooo! Sorry about that. Didn't think about what it would look like for my email subscribers. I can't end this journey until my head is cleared of voices. There's such a crowd in there right now it will take years, maybe decades. 🙂

  18. I agree! If this is going to be my career I have to start treating it as such.

  19. We had a couple weeks of 110-115 heat, now its cooled down to the high 90's. Hard to think in all that heat. Wish I had a pool to lounge beside!…….dhole

  20. I'm glad it hasn't been horribly hot for you. I can only daydream of a summer like that here in Perth 😉

  21. Oh, my gosh, Charity! We really are in the same boat! I know what you mean by 'frazzled nerves and writing'. This has been one loooong summer. I only have 1 kiddo, but she's a social bee, so I'm always borrowing other people's kids! And I feel ya about the whole job thing. It stinks! So glad you dropped by my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

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