The New Book Trailer, Future Author Events and CassaStorm!

I made a new book trailer for The Magic Wakes. The old and new are both on YouTube, but I put this newest one on my webpage. I’ve only had three comments made about the new one:

  • I love it!
  • The song kind of grates.
  • It’s sort of busy
Do you guys mind taking a look and offering up an opinion? 

I’ve also been planning my summer book events. So far I only have two set up and ready to go, but I’m including the two I would like to add.

  • May 25th–Bentonville, AR Farmer’s Market
  • June ?–Another day at the FM?
  • July 27th–Book signing at Hastings in Murfreesboro, TN
  • First week in Aug–Reading at North County Regional Library in Huntersville, NC.
Wish me luck!

And finally, the thing I’m the most excited about…

I got lucky enough to get an ARC of this from Dancing Lemur. Guess what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day!

Alex Cavanaugh is one of the most supportive bloggers of authors. If by some strange fluke you don’t follow the Ninja Captain, head to his blog now.  

He’ll tell you he never planned to write three books, but we’re all glad he did. I’ll post a review soon!

About charitybradford

Science fiction and fantasy writer and blogger. My first novel is now available--The Magic Wakes (WiDo Publishing, 2013)

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  1. Thanks, Charity! Glad you're excited to read it and hope CassaStorm meets expectations.I like the new trailer. The effects are very good and it has high energy.Hope you've seen the last of the snow as well.

  2. I don't like the new music. Might I suggest the musical score from Sunshine? Start listening at about :45 seconds in.I don't know how music and these vids work. Does it have to be royalty free? I saw Amanda Hocking made a home grown trailer for one of her books that sold a million copies and it had music from one of the Dark Knight films I think. I've no idea how that all works but maybe you could just call it something like "Sunshine and The Magic Wakes" and because you name the song it's like a fan made video and scoots by the whole "legality stuff."

  3. I have to second Michael on the music, it's kind of jarring. The video is quite good otherwise and makes me curious about the story. Best of luck with your summer bopok events and congrats on getting that arc you lucky woman.

  4. I think Michael makes a good point; the music is okay, but the Sunshine music might be better, otherwise it's a good trailer.

  5. 😉 Thanks Sheena. I'm so excited to get a chance to write a blurb for him. Plus, I'm so impatient it'll be a relief to finish the series.

  6. Thanks for a real suggestion Michael! I really like the one you posted below. Since I'm not 100% sure about how it all works, I've made sure to use royalty free music up to this point. And I've purchased limited use rights of the photos (or have written permission from the owner). Maybe this is something I should do a little research on. I just don't think my brain can handle it until the fall.

  7. Thanks Marcy! I do like the Sunshine music.

  8. I'm sure it will Alex! This morning I finished the book I was already reading, so I'll get to start CassaStorm tonight. :)And I hope we've seen the last of the snow too.

  9. Good luck with your author events.

  10. i like the original better. the music flows with the words and its shorter (1 min is optimum for todays attention spans!)great images!!

  11. Thanks Tara! I could control how long the image was up on the original but lost that feature with the new one.

  12. Good luck. And I think my baby likes your trailer. She bobbed around…

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