Marketing Fail?

Okay, last night I went to the really fun “Favorite Things” party. There were about 30-35 women, lots of food, and gifts. Each of us brought 6 things that we love to get or give in our stockings. 6 of the same things. You put one of them in a big bag for a drawing at the end (meaning 1 person gets 1 of everything brought to the party) and then you draw 5 names to give the other 5 items to. Simple and fun.

This is what I took:

LOVE these. In fact, I can make 1 bar last about 4 days. A square in the morning and one at night. Pure heaven.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. At the start of the party we all went around and introduced ourselves. The only person I knew out of that crowd was the host and one woman I met at the dog park. So all I said was my name and “I know Kathie from North Carolina. Her nephew’s family were some of my best friends.” End of story, right?

Well, as I was saying goodnight and thanking my host she said she was surprised I didn’t introduce myself as an author.

I forgot I could do that now! I really did. Part of it is this ingrained “don’t sell your business at church” idea that somehow got planted in my head. {hubby begged me never to do this} And since 95% of these women were from my church it never entered my head.

That was a missed opportunity. This group of women could have been instrumental in building my reputation here in Arkansas.

One of the things I lament about moving is now I can’t have the awesome release party I had planned in Charlotte. Well, I can, but I don’t want to because I don’t know anyone here. It just wouldn’t be the same you know? However, I’m a social person. Why can’t I make lots of new friends before February gets here to invite to a party?

Hopefully I’ll do better next time.

Do you ever have trouble telling people you’re a writer, or about your book?


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  1. Bummer!Yeah, I still have trouble telling people I'm the author of two books. I don't think that gets any easier, either.

  2. OMG! You sound like me lol! I even have biz cards and just forget to hand them out. I get that feeling like I'm either the "ambulance chasing lawyer" or "overly aggressive car salesman". I just, I don't know, I don't want to bug people but if they don't know, how can they buy the book.Le sigh lol!

  3. That's it! Where is the line between good marketing and being THAT person. The one everyone groans when they see you coming because they know the first thing out of your mouth will be about writing or your book. It's so hard to know how much is enough or not.

  4. But you talk to so many people all the time! Wonder if it gets easier once you reach JK Rowling status? 🙂

  5. I totally know what you mean. Only once did I get up the guts to do it at a church gathering–introducing myself at a summer women's bible study, I mentioned I had a novel coming out in September. The response was overwhelmingly good. A roar went up around the room! Afterwards, nearly a dozen people asked for more information (this was months before I released). That positive experience has made it easier to be less shy about dropping my book into conversations.So, so many people dream of writing a book. They find it fascinating to meet those who actually finish one. So don't think of it as hard sell, just as "this is something cool about me."

  6. Oh, you should definitely mention it. You don't have to go on about it but maybe if you had some bookmarks or something you could hand them out and casually mention when your book is coming out. I know if I met someone who had a book coming out I'd pounce on them and ask all sorts of questions!

  7. That's cute you forgot to mention it. 😀 Around my friends and family, I have no issue. They know I'm a writer. Around my husband's coworkers…not so much. I don't know. I feel like since I don't have an agent or a book published, I shouldn't talk about it yet, so I don't seem like one of THOSE people.Good luck on building your book launch!

  8. I actually don't ever tell anyone that I'm an author. If they ask me what I do, I respond, "I work for the State of Utah in assistive technology." That's my career. I don't think I could ever feel comfortable referring to myself as an author unless I could make $60,000 a year at it (which I can't do believe me).But of course online I call myself an author. It's weird. It's like I live a double life.

  9. Sort of like a double agent? LOL, I think you make a good point here. Mom is my real life and author is still the dream. A good one that I'm going to enjoy, but it won't ever be Rowling, Meyer, or any other big name kind of thing. Unless…:)

  10. Thanks E! I am/was the same way. Now it's time to change my thinking though. I just wonder whats a good and not overbearing way to do it.

  11. That's a great idea! I've got my bookmarks designed but need to print them off. maybe I should do that soon.I'm with you, I'd pounce, but I think it's because writing is what we're into. 😉

  12. That's a wonderful way to think of it because it IS something cool about me. Right now it's the only thing because my other hobbies don't get as much time as they used to. Thanks!

  13. It'll get easier. At the next party you'll definitely remember to mention it.

  14. I'm actually too far the opposite. Practically everyone I've ever met knows I've written (and now published) a book. I have to bite my tongue sometimes to stop from telling the postman. Just joking. Sort of. 😉

  15. LOL, see, I need to get closer to this. I do have spurts of good marketing. In fact, several months ago I bough 100 business cards. It was easier for me to give someone (complete strangers even) my card. Then they could look at it and go, "Oh, you're an author?" and I could say, "yes, my first book comes out in Feb." then I could answer questions if they asked any without me being "Hey! Hey! I've got a book!"Maybe that's what I need to do…order more cards! Thanks Cally for getting me thinking in the right direction.

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