You Can Win One of Talia’s Necklace

I finally picked which two necklaces I’ll be giving away for my book release in February.

I picked these because I love the multicolored striations. The deep purple mixed with the lighter violet and white are representative of Talia’s eyes. Each one is unique because the stones are unique as well as the fact that I couldn’t duplicate the same wire wrapping if my life depended on it. I kept track of the order I made them, and so each one will come with a card of authenticity signed by me along with the date they were made.

This contest will be ongoing for the next 3 months! That seems like forever, but I hope that with your help I can spread the word about The Magic Wakes during that time. And who doesn’t like free stuff?

There are three ways to earn entries:

  • Like my facebook page
  • Tweet a message
  • Leave a comment telling me about an item you have that brings you comfort

As soon as my ARCs are in my hands, I’ll be giving those away too. Stay tuned, but until then, sign up below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


About charitybradford

Science fiction and fantasy writer and blogger. My first novel is now available--The Magic Wakes (WiDo Publishing, 2013)

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  1. Those are nice. Hope you have your review copies soon.

  2. Those are lovely. It's so exciting watching things fall into place with your book!

  3. You just alienated every man that isn't "all the way gay" from this giveaway lulz. Notice Alex's very "chaste" response… 'uh those are nice…'@Alex: You'd totally rock with a purple crystal around your neck, hon. #justsayin

  4. I know! I was hoping to have books to give away at the same time, but *shrugs*.Suffice it to say, I'm a girl and the necklace idea was what popped into my head. It's doable. The laser pistols and CC2's (crowd control weapon) not so much. Although I could use a CC2 on my kids. πŸ™‚ And…I'm hoping the necklaces will bring in a few female readers who wouldn't normally try a scifi book. You could always give the necklace to someone else too, ya know.

  5. Me too! I know you guys would prefer a book to a necklace any day. πŸ˜‰

  6. What a great idea for a giveaway! I'm not very sentimental about objects, unlike my characters from Destruction! πŸ™‚ However, if I'm without my wedding ring, I feel a little lost.

  7. That's funny because I'm not overly sentimental either, but I would have said the same thing about my wedding ring. And a necklace my mom gave me–it's a butterfly and half of the wings are her birthstone the other half mine.

  8. I love wire wrapping. If I was more into jewelry, I might try to learn.

  9. In reply to your comment above, Charity, I think I would prefer the necklace. I can buy the book myself. ;)An object that comforts me… oh my goodness this is going to be such a cliche but… my mother cross-stitched a blanket for me when I was very little. I don't use it very often, but it's still nice to have.Also… um… I would like your Facebook page if I had a Facebook but I don't so the Rafflecopter won't let me enter the giveaway…

  10. Oh! Good to know about the rafflecopter thing. Give me a minute and I'll change that so you can enter.I love the blanket. My hubby has this Star Wars blanket his mom made for him when he was little. We're almost 40 and he still wraps up in it when he's sick or sad. that's when he can get it away from our kids.

  11. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Jewelry isn't really my thing either, but I have to admit it was also more relaxing than I thought.

  12. ooh, those are very pretty!

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