The Big Smoke by Cally Jackson Cover Reveal!

The story problems series will continue next Monday. Today and Friday are reserved for fun stuff.

Are you ready for Cally Jackson’s cover reveal? First let me give you the details.

Cally’s book is coming out next month–October 2012.
She now has a Goodreads Page for The Big Smoke.
And if you somehow haven’t met her in the blogosphere yet, here are some places where you can get to know her better:

And now for the cover and blurb for The Big Smoke. (By the way, I LOVE the color pencil approach!)

Ceara’s desperate for love; Seb’s desperate to get laid. Ceara adores reading novels; Seb hasn’t finished a book in years. Two strangers, both moving from small country towns to Brisbane – the big smoke. As they prepare to attend the same university, their paths seem set to collide, but they keep missing each other. Maybe fate is keeping them apart, or maybe it’s just chance.

When the semester starts, things get complicated. Ceara’s best friend withdraws from her, Seb’s closest mate turns into a sleazebag, and the relentless demands of university make their stress levels soar. Before their first semester is over, both Seb and Ceara will be forced to question who they are and what they want from their lives. Will they have the courage to find the answers, or will they crumble under the pressure? And when they finally meet, will it be love at first sight or a collision of headstrong personalities?


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  1. Hooray! Thanks so much for helping me reveal my cover with a big splash! 🙂

  2. Lot of us helping Cally today!

  3. I love the cover. The faces are done really well. The only criticism I have of it is that I think the faces and the background should have been done in the same medium. I mean the background looks photo quality and the faces obviously are done in pencil, right? That's my only critique. But maybe it stands out more. I certainly notice the title which is done perfectly with the "BIG" in color.

  4. I agree that the two mediums make you pause. The more I looked at it the more I liked it though. The brighter pencil strokes give it this big city electric lights (moving cars or something) feel to it. I like it!

  5. Thanks for letting me participate. It's always so exciting to see new covers. Congratulations!

  6. I like all the colors. Kind of neon lights in the city. Cool.

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