I Can Haz Healthy Body and Be a Writer?

Do you remember that blog tour giveaway I participated in for Cami Checkett’s new book Dead Running? Well, she announced the winners on her blog. You can see them HERE.

And I won something.

I kind of feel weird that I won, but I did enter on A LOT of the other blogs participating. Cami said I could.

Anyway, I won exactly what I wanted. The three months of free online training.

I started today.

I hurt.

I’m so excited to get rid of my Mom/Writer bod though that I don’t even care. You know what the best thing is? It comes with menus that generate grocery lists!!!

I don’t have to think.

Just obey.


I think there’s a sinister story somewhere in those two lines. I’ll take before and after pictures and let you know how this turns out at the end of August.


About charitybradford

Science fiction and fantasy writer and blogger. My first novel is now available--The Magic Wakes (WiDo Publishing, 2013)

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  1. Now that's a great thing to win! Wish you much success. And yes, a writer CAN have a healthy body.

  2. Congratulations. It's always cool to be the winner.

  3. Get to work and crunch those abs. You'll be in shape in no time.

  4. Hope you get the results you want. I too need to get back on the exercise wagon. My son tells me the only parts of me getting any exercise are my eyeballs and fingers.

  5. Groceries? I could work out for that :)…..dhole

  6. Good luck Charity and great pic, lol.

  7. congrats and good luck! thats awesome!

  8. How is it going so far? I just started Eat for Life, but still need to do more working out. Feel free to post more info, I'm interested!!Andrea

  9. Is it the fitcore online fitness trainer? Im going to have to look into that.. wonder how much they cost 🙂

  10. As long as they don't force feed you you'll be fine.

  11. I think we writers need to be extra-mindful of staying active, so whatever works, right? And way to go on meeting your May W1S1 goals!

  12. Congrats, Charity! Looking forward to seeing the before and after photos! 🙂

  13. What a great prize to win! *Glancing at my own writer/mom body and sighing.*

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