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Between travel, revisions, planning for camp, and running my kids all over the place I haven’t had time to plan a blog for today. So, ask me anything and I’ll try and answer your questions.

What do you want to know about me or my writing?


About charitybradford

Science fiction and fantasy writer and blogger. My first novel is now available--The Magic Wakes (WiDo Publishing, 2013)

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  1. Anything special planned for the release date of your book? Celebrations, promotions, etc?

  2. What a question! I'll answer in two parts. Personally, I plan to go out to dinner to celebrate with my family and possibly some of my closest friends.Publicly, there will be a blog tour and I'll have some free signed copies to give away. There will also be bookmarks, postcards, that sort of thing. Maybe even a full sized poster of a scene from the book (need to talk to Chris about this and see what he would charge for that).The pie in the sky dream that I have (but not much progress yet) is to find a jeweler to work with to design the necklace from the book. Then I could give one away to celebrate the release (plus have one to wear to any book signings I set up) and offer it for sale. The trick is to make it affordable enough for people to buy and still look as nice as it does in my head. And now your question has me thinking of the short months between now and then…must get to work!

  3. What is your routine before you sit down to write?

  4. Different places, but the ones I like the most usually start as dreams. Yes, I have some freaky dreams (I believe you've read the result of two of them–actually three if you count my lightning flashed entry)Anyway, if it's not a dream its a question. What if…meaning I usually have the situation or problem before the characters and then I have to hold auditions for the people living in my head. The best fit for the plot wins. :)I have taken notes on a few things I've seen out in the "real world" and am just waiting to find the right story for them. For instance, once at the park I saw four adults hovering around one 2-3 year old child. They were intense in their protectiveness and I can think of about twenty different reasons for that to turn into a story. But none of them have grabbed me by the heart so it sits in a file.

  5. I don't know that I have one. Maybe that's my problem. On the best writing days I've done the following before I write:–clean the downstairs–straighten my desk–exercise–showerNot always in that order. Then I sit down and check email and twitter before turning off my wireless antenna. This is a must or I keep getting distracted by the social life I LOVE!

  6. If you had a best friend and you were going to the movies…. oh say Friday… would you want it to be dinner and a movie or a movie and snacks?

  7. Do you love your new haircut? I do! It looks great. But you look just a bit unsure in the photo, so I thought I'd ask!

  8. Oh, one more question– I'm updating my blog list of book review blogs on my sidebar. Are you still doing regular book reviews here? Also, I'm offering ARCs of a few new WiDo books. You should totally get them and do reviews!

  9. I do love my new hair, but the sun was shining in my eyes. I was trying to not squint. Obviously it didn't quite work. LOLAnd I would love to do more book reviews, I just haven't had many to work with lately. I'll gladly review some books from WiDo authors. My blog is mostly fiction, what do you have in that area?

  10. How about movie and a snack. That way I can have dinner with the family. I think Friday is the first day I don't have something scheduled–lucky us!

  11. Hmmm…. trying to think of a really random question for you. How about: when you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up (other than a writer)?

  12. You probably won't believe this, but I wanted to be a fighter jet pilot. I had pictures of F-16s all over my room instead of boys. My brother did join the Air Force, but his feet prevented him from becoming a pilot. He has been up in several though, lucky stiff.

  13. Here's one. How do you get the 'reply' feature? that looks so handy!

  14. Do you work from an outline or do you write by the seat of your pants?

  15. Oh, that's a good question. Now I can't remember how I did it. I saw someone else post how and did it right away, but now I can't recognize it by looking in settings. Does anyone else know what I did?

  16. When I first started writing it was ALL seat of my pants. Since then I've learned to map out a loose outline of sorts. Mostly its a plot point list of events that need to happen to get me from point A to point Z.Then when I sit to write I know I have to go here, then here, then over there, etc. But all the in between stuff just kind of flows out. So I guess I'm a mix right now. I love discovery the story as it unfolds–probably because I was a reader before a writer.

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