I need a new hair style…

but I can’t decide what. Here are my top three choices. Which hairstyle do you think I should try and why? Vote in the comments please.

The Choices:

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  1. They're all variations on the same bob. I like them all. The last one has a cool messy thing going on.Ooo, you're at 501. Congrats!

  2. It's clear that you are liking the short bob, and I say go for it! There are many ways to style it. I have this haircut and love it. Some days I just shampoo and go, not even combing it out and then I get a kind of curly wavy thing that's perfect for summer.

  3. It's all the same, but I would go with the last one, very mature, dramatic, serious :)unless that's totally not you, then I guess number 2!

  4. I vote for 3. Be sure to post pics after you get your hair cut!

  5. I think it's funny they are all variations on a theme. My current cut is #1 but it's about 2 inches below my chin, almost to my shoulders. It wouldn't take much cutting to turn it into #3. Thanks for all the suggestions so far!

  6. I love my new hair cut! A-line cut. Longer in the front, shorter in the back and all sassy! It's great for my straight hair and easy for me to do. If you haven't, go look at the dumb pics I put on FB.

  7. I saw them but haven't had time to comment. I love it btw! It's a shorter version of what I have right now. I'm leaning toward going shorter, but how much do you have to fix it?

  8. Ask your stylist! It totally depends on your face shape and other personal characteristics. I personally like the "Kiera" (#1) and got it when I was pregnant. However, I was pregnant. Instead of looking like Kiera Knightley, I looked like I had Mom Hair. But it wasn't so bad; those bobs are versatile, and mine was easily made cooler with a more textured style and Manic Panic. Haha.

  9. Great tip! I finally have one I like and trust. The first visit I had with her was a "fix" of someone else's mess up. We agreed to give it time to grow a bit more and then we could do something new. I love the short hair, but always feel like it turns out to be a bad boys cut. Hopefully now that my kids are all older I'll have the time to fix it and not go there. Thanks for the Manic Panic tip too.

  10. You're going shorter for summer, arent' you! I like # 3.

  11. I like #3, but having the hair in front of the eyes might be problematic. I say go for a stylish cut that doesn't inconvenience you or block out one of your eyes.

  12. #1, but they are all similar. and all very cute! way to be brave and take a chance!

  13. The first one looks easiest – that would be my pick. It also looks natural, something I think looks best on a woman.

  14. I'd go for 1. It looks like the simplest of the three–though of course, that's just my opinion. I have low tolerance for fussing with my hair. 😛

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