Weekly Goals #16

Writing down my weekly goals is the only way I’m going to concentrate this week. My kids schedules are filling up for the last two months of school and therefore so is mine. The good news is that my brain has “quieted” down a bit. My many characters are having a conference to decide who gets their story told first.

I don’t even care who it is as long as its characters from the same book. 🙂

So, weekly goals:
Work on Faerie Wings
Finish writing the short story I started
Prepare and teach all my lessons this week–not last minute
Visit two families that I need to
All that housekeeping stuff that doesn’t go away
Make eye appointments for everyone–I keep forgetting this one
Run a 5k with my family Friday night

Eh, that’s enough I think. I know other things will creep in and that’s fine. I just want to get these things done for certain.

What are your goals this week?

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Science fiction and fantasy writer and blogger. My first novel is now available--The Magic Wakes (WiDo Publishing, 2013)

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  1. Finish the first draft of the short story I'm writing for write one sub one and add more chapters to the two novels I'm working on.I also need to know all my lines for the corpse I'm playing.

  2. Your whole family is running a 5K? Whoa.

  3. It might be more of a "hobble" this week. There is a free race here in town and we thought it would be a good kick off to our healthier living goals. Plus a couple of years ago hubby and I ran races every month. That was when I felt and looked the best ever. I miss feeling good like that.

  4. Lines for a corpse–sounds fascinating! Are you doing the weekly or monthly w1s1? I'm doing so much better this year but am still just doing the monthly goal. Good luck with all of your goals!

  5. I love the race idea with the whole family. Goals for me…treadmill and write a chapter this week. =)

  6. My goal is to just get through the week. So much is going on with my parents right now, with meeting lawyers and settling estate planning, etc. (they are old) that it's requiring a lot of research and a lot of phone calls.

  7. Choose a blog design and STICK WITH IT! Finish writing chapter twoWrite a review of a book I meant to do a long time agooh and find a job. Hehe.

  8. I'm doing the monthly one. Playing dead is quite hard as the audience mustn't see you breathe. I heard of one guy who was playing a corpse and fell aslepp.

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