Small Blessings for Writers

I woke up this morning in excruciating pain. A fist sized area in my lower back screamed at me every time I moved or breathed. Not good. I probably slept weird or something during the 4 short hours of sleep I managed to get.

Nevertheless (it’s a fun word to say out loud), I had to get up and go teach my 5:55 am class. We started Isaiah this week and I knew it wouldn’t be fair to make the other teacher wing it since it was my day to teach. And since the other teacher didn’t show up, this was a good call.

By 7:15 am I crawled back into bed after taking some ibuprofen and hoped to wake up in a better state. Eh, not so much. I got the kids to school and now I’m sitting here with hubby’s mini massager plastered to my back.

It is HEAVEN. I can feel the muscles relaxing as I type. So, today I want to recommend this nifty little device if you get any kind of back pain from sitting in a chair all day writing.

Other than chocolate, what do you see as small blessings for writers?

Now, I’m finishing up my short story The Sleeper so I can submit it as my W1S1 this month. I’ve actually already submitted one story, so this will give me 2 this month!

Oh, and don’t forget to go over to Unicorn Bell and sign up for our blogfest. There are PRIZES! One person will get to choose between a first chapter critique or a $20 Amazon gift card. Head over there for the pictures to choose from and the rules.


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  1. Another thing that could help is an ergonomic work station including proper height of the keyboard, an ergonomic chair with lumbar support, and high resolution monitors to avoid eye strain.

  2. I'd love something like that but unfortunately the budget doesn't allow for anything more than a pillow on my chair 😦

  3. That mini massager does sound like Heaven 🙂

  4. Another thing that's good for lower back pain–acupuncture.Glad you're feeling better. I hope you get some sleep soon.

  5. Glad you're feeling a little better. Would love to sign up for the blogfest but sadly (actually happily) we'll be out of town that week!

  6. It's going to be painful at first, but you could try pilates.

  7. Glad it's working! We just have a heating pad. I never use it, but my wife does. Once a month. You get my drift…

  8. A mini-massager. Sounds like a pretty good investment, even if it's just for the sometime-need to relax. Glad you're feeling better, though.

  9. A bag of doughnuts does me everytime.

  10. I'm with Marcy. Four kids don't leave much left over for such luxuries. Maybe one day!

  11. I love pilates! Thanks for the reminder. It's time to start up again, it's been a long time.

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