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Oops, I was a day early, so I’ll bump Wednesday’s post to Thursday.

Teralyn is hosting a blogfest where bloggers ask for help to improve their blogs. Click on her name to find Mr. Linky and the other blogs.

This is your chance to help us out by answering the following questions in the comments section down below:

  • Appearance: Does it appeal to you? Is it too busy, or too plain?
  • Layout: Is it difficult to navigate? Is it cluttered, or sparse?
  • Frequency: Does the blogger post too often? Not often enough?
  • Content: Are the posts interesting? Unique? Are they focused, or all over the place?
  • Quality: Are the individual posts too long, too short, too sloppy, or too generic?
  • SIDEBAR: I think it’s too busy. What can I take out? Or do you think two sidebars instead of one would fix it?(I just removed several things and made a new page tab to hold linkage. Think that was enough?)

Feel free to leave any other comments that you think will help me improve this blog. I would really love some posting ideas. My brain is too tired to come up with new ones on my own right now. 🙂


About charitybradford

Science fiction and fantasy writer and blogger. My first novel is now available--The Magic Wakes (WiDo Publishing, 2013)

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  1. You know, I honestly can't think of something to improve. I think your layout is pretty and eye catching, but there's enough white space that it doesn't look too busy. You post frequently, and the content is always interesting, even when it's about your personal life. So my advice is keep up the good work!I've given you the Versatile Blogger award so check it out at my blog!

  2. Couldn't participate as this blogfest falls on IWSG post day. And I think your posts are always the right length!

  3. I think your blog looks great – nice colour scheme.

  4. Yeah your blog looks smashing. Any news on the magazines subscriptions? No news is good news. Analog usually rejects within three days. If you haven't heard from them in three days then that means they are probably going to pick you up.

  5. As for appearance and layout, I don't really notice. Your blog pops up in my reader when you post, and I only click back to comment…As for the rest of it, no complaints. If I didn't like your blog, I wouldn't continue to read it, so keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks Elizabeth! I added you to the links on my award page.

  7. LOL, great timing Michael. Got the rejection today. Now I don't have to feel as guilty about that little slip up…

  8. *hugs* Thanks Liz. I usually read in google reader too. I wonder how that will affect the blogfest? 🙂

  9. It's really good. Perhaps there's a bit too much going on in the sidebar? Just dropping in from W1S1 to say congrats on being a Juggernaut!

  10. Hello! I do love the look of your blog, and I especially love the "things I need to remember" … however, I agree with Simon that there are A LOT of things on the sidebar. Maybe you could skinny or simplify it up a bit? Blog posting topics? Well, sometimes, I will look at my "labels" and see what topics only have one or two postings for it, and I will write a new post for that topic. Happy writing!

  11. Thanks Margo! I agree with you and Simon. Any idea which ones can go out of the sidebar? Or, do you think splitting it into two instead of one would make it look less busy?

  12. Forgot to say – congrats on your W1S1 success!

  13. I don't mean to damn with faint praise, but the looks are fairly normal. Most sidebars are cluttered, including mine. The content is interesting, which is the most important thing.Oh, visited from Wr1Sub1

  14. I think your blog looks good. I have a blogger site as well, and I've tried to keep it uncluttered; but WordPress sites always seem to look more…professional? Even so, I had a WordPress blog and deleted it. Blogger is easier for me to navigate and customize.Also, CONGRATS on reaching your Write1Sub1 goals!

  15. New here and already enjoying the many great posts. I'd recommend maybe going "cloud" with the labels? As that will make them look a tad shorter/smaller?

  16. I favor your starry sky. Always have. Not much to criticize. Good links. Posts are just right.Have you had trouble with IE? I finally updated my browser to google chrome. It helps me post HTML stuff but the toolbar difference is, well, grrrrrrr.

  17. I like your blog. The list of things to remember is awesome (I got excited about the Amazon breakthrough Novel award until I realized my novel isn’t long enough). I like the word count thing for your WIP (I might have to make one of those for my blog). I don’t know if it’s a good idea to admit that you don’t “edit” yourself as that might turnoff a potential publisher. Perhaps you could make a page dedicated to blogfest/blog challenges that way you can remove the badges from the right hand column and add them to a separate page. I joined your site today and I look forward to reading posts from you in the near future.

  18. Hi Charity,You've got a lovely blog here. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing. I like the fact that your background is interesting but not intrusive. Id love to know more about the small things that inspire you, the places, pieces of art, poems, the pattern on a skirt, anything that draws you to it and gives you inspiration for your work. What makes you smile?

  19. your posts are awesome! helpful and informative.would like a different font for your header so you stand out more, you're worth it!

  20. See, I followed your advice. Also tried to thin out the sidebar clutter that others mentioned. Thanks for stopping by!

  21. LOL, yeah I've thought the same thing about the "edit" line. It refers to the blog only (and even then I fix things when I catch them) and is my way of saying when you come here you get what you see. This is the one place I feel like I can really be myself.The last time I moved the "things to remember" to its own page, I never looked at them. And they are really for my absentmindedness more than anything. The sharing is a bonus.

  22. I like your blog's appearance a lot! As for your sidebar, it kind of doesn't look as busy as it could possibly because while it's crowded, you've got white space here & there on it still. So it could be worse :)I like the arrangement of your labels – saw that on another blog during this blogfest and implemented it on my own, too 🙂

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