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This is supposed to my Birth of a Novel day, but I’ve spent the last week perfecting what I could for the ABNA. I’ll submit my pitch and so forth today. No other new writing to report.

Today Laura Josephsen is hosting her first ever blogfest. Click HEREfor rules and Mr. Linky to visit the other participants.

I’m supposed to pick my favorite character that I’ve written, tell you why they are my favorite, and then post a short snippet about them.

Good grief! It’s so hard to pick a favorite. I decided it might be better to pick one I haven’t talked about very much on the blog. I mean, you guys are probably sick of hearing about Talia and Landry (even though they are probably my favorites), and I still need to get to know Ry and Carter better.

However, there is this little project that keeps waiting patiently in the back of my mind. It would be a space opera and I’m not sure I’m ready to take on something of that scope yet. Anyway, its about a girl who learns she’s strong enough to change, well, everything.

Eleena. She’s young, 16 or 17. At age 9 she’s sent away from her parents to escape a coming war. Hopping from planet to planet, living in refugee camps with her uncle, she tries to survive the war that is racing across her galaxy. Eventually they run out of places to retreat to. That’s when she finds herself in the most unlikely place–presented to the warlord king as a possible bride.

I’ve only written about 2000 words total of her story, none of it chronological, but this snippet wraps up all of her potential. I wrote it two or three years ago, so it’s got several flaws–POV switches, telling. But I like the idea even now.


“I apologize.” He watched her eyebrows shoot upward. “Do you wish to be Queen?”

“I didn’t realize I had a choice in this matter.” Eleena looked at Durol boldly.

“Perhaps you don’t, but if you did?”

Eleena searched her heart for what she wanted and spoke carefully, “I did not choose to board the vessel that brought me here. What I know of you doesn’t induce feelings of affection, so I wouldn’t choose to marry you.”

The guards moved closer, but she didn’t flinch or acknowledge their presence. If her time had come, she wanted it to be because she had spoken her mind when given the chance.

She continued, “However, if I think of what I could do as Queen, I am tempted to reconsider. So many people suffer without a voice. Caught up in your imperialism. Children who have never raised a hand against you are homeless and starving. Do you see them or hear their cries? I wouldn’t make a good war Queen, but I long to ease the suffering I’ve seen. I can’t do that as I am now.”


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  1. wow! this is the wip from which you submitted to ub, no?love that its a space opera. i like knowing more about it.and if she admits all that and he still marries her, he must be a good man!aeesome!

  2. Wow, your character sounds quite bold! Don't know if I'd be brave enough to say those things!

  3. I like the fact the story is science fiction!

  4. Interesting character development in so few words.

  5. It's all in what she's already lived through. That's what I'm scared about. If I don't write the part before this really well, no one will believe this part. *ack* 🙂

  6. Me too. And this one will be straight sci fi, with all the research, tech, and far reaching space fights. I can see it all in my head. The problem is finding the right words to put on the page. Maybe I really should give up writing and head to Hollywood. It might be easier. 🙂

  7. Yes! Oh, the twists and turns in this story. He is a good man, but it takes her the entire book to discover what is REALLY going on with the space war.

  8. What a beautiful young lady you've picked to represent a character. I think that associating a real-life person with a character can certainly help with the visualization. I've been trying to think of someone that could represent the ideas I have regarding my main character but haven't come up with any names yet. It's hard lol.I hope Analog picks you. Yes, they are extremely fussy, but that doesn't mean they won't pick you up. Their duotrope numbers are abysmal (Clarkesworld is even worse). They are listed in the top five of the hardest markets to get published in (Clarkesworld may be number one but I don't remember). So basically think "getting published with Analog and Clarkesworld is harder than getting an agent" because that's really rather accurate. If you can get a short story with them, getting a good literary agent should be easier.

  9. Wow, she seems like a very strong character. I like her already! Nice choice!

  10. Nice! I like her already (haha, just so Colene's comment–should have just typed 'ditto'). I so want to read more.

  11. I love Eleena's strength. A warlord doesn't get where he is by being a nice guy and she certainly must know that. Good luck with the story! It's a wonderful idea.

  12. Thanks Colene, Donna, and Christine! I hope to dig into the story soon.

  13. Thanks, Michael. Now I'm depressed. LOL, not really.

  14. Sounds like a pretty intriguing story. You're off to a good start. Good luck with it and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  15. She sounds so cool, and your story sounds fascinating as well (I really want to see what space refugee camps look like!) Good luck on the rest of the story-it sounds like you've got a great foundation to build from 🙂

  16. Thanks, Julie. I hope it all comes together the way I'd like it too.

  17. 🙂 Me too Morgan! I really wish I could draw. I'm a visual person and if I could draw what I see in my head, I think it would be easier to find the words.

  18. Sounds like a good strong character.

  19. It sounds like she's got a spine of iron and will shake things up in the warlords life. You've got a new follower in me.

  20. I agree with the others. Eleena is one strong character. I really enjoyed the dialogue between her and the king.

  21. Just from this snippet, I really like Eleena as a character.~M Pepper Langlinais

  22. An interesting premise for a story. One thing that got me thinking though… if she's basically been running from war her entire life, how well was she educated? The way she speaks (word choices/sentence structure/etc) make her sound highly educated, which was contrary to the impression I formed in the quick background/setup you mentioned.Would be interesting to read more of this 😉

  23. Very nice! She seems like a great character. Thanks for sharing that!

  24. Great question, and I've got it all worked out. Her education was top notch the first 9 years before her parents sent her away. After that, her uncle did his best to keep up her studies. Before being sent to the King's homeworld she is actually teaching the younger children. Because of her experiences and her own desire to learn, her maturity is way above the normal 17 year old. By this snippet she is actually 21 or so, has spent three years being trained in the King's court, and been married to him for about a year. Thanks for the question!

  25. I adore women with confidence. Too many female characters are not really allowed to possess themselves completely, if that makes any sense. Eleena takes the initiative to be who she is and make no apologies for it. Yup, I'm liking that!Thank you for sharing and posting on Laura's blogfest!

  26. I like her already! I too love strong heroines who still conserve their femininity. Well done!

  27. She sounds like a really great character.

  28. A cut and paste from Analog's submission page:"No simultaneous submissions, please.""Simultaneous submission,"is generally understood as the practice of sending your work to several different publications at the same time.This is a HUGE no-no, and I hope that your story doesn't get picked up by more than one of these magazines or you will end up with a mess on your hands.Other than that, best of luck.

  29. Good strong character 🙂 Great job! Count me in as a new follower. I hope you can drop by my blog!

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