Birth of a Novel Week 6

On the last day of November, and the end of Nanowrimo, I read my new wip. It weighed in at 30K words and is about half way finished.

Now I just need to finish the story. This is where it gets sticky. I have the final chapter in my head (as a matter of fact, I wrote the last chapter Saturday.) Now just to connect that last chapter with the rest of the book.

The hard part is I want to go back and rewrite already. This is my week to post over on Unicorn Bell, and I did some research on Voice. I probably learned more than what I manage to relate in the post. I also read a book this weekend that was a great example of what I had learned.

I kept those things in mind as I wrote the last chapter, and you know what? It was so much better! For some reason, learning about developing character voice made something click in my head and suddenly I understood how to get deeper into my characters POV. And now I want to put my idea into practice.

So, what do you think? Should I try to slog through and finish the story first, or allow myself to go back and ‘fix’ the first half before continuing?


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  1. Resist! Don't go back. Keep your momentum moving forward. Make notes if you have to, to remind yourself of things you want or need to fix, but then keep writing as if you'd already fixed them.

  2. I would keep going. Write the second half before going back to fix the first. Besides, with the practice of that, your first half will be even better.

  3. Every time I start to write I re-read and feel the need to edit. Then, I'm tired and get nothing new accomplished. Keep Moving Forward!

  4. Whichever feels best to you. Just note what you want to change and remember it if you keep going forward.

  5. Slog through and finish the story first. As a warning, tomorrow I'm hitting you with a blog award. You did ask for ideas for blogging so this gives you a post. It's the Pied Piper award that Alex Cavanaugh has been spreading around. I got tagged with it today by L.G. at her blog.

  6. Well I always go in and finish the story, get to that ending and then revise. I like to have a beginning, middle and end, even if it's only 40K words, then I go back and add things, etc.

  7. I would say do what feels right. My story was driving me nuts because of a change in trajectory when I recently replotted. I was about halfway done with my WIP and I've been rewriting it from the beginning for the last month. The rewrite's made it so much better!If it's driving you crazy, I'd say to go back and fix the beginning.

  8. Go ahead and rewrite the first half if that's what you want. The best part about being the write is that you can pick how you want to do it.

  9. Good topic and discussion. I am always for finishing before tinkering.

  10. ZOMGAH Charity you won an award on my blog today! I know you are excited. I look forward to reading your post with it.

  11. I posted on something similar today :)In my case, I had to go back and move a bunch of scenes around so I could continue writing the story, but that's something way different from what you have.I vote that you finish the story, then go back 🙂 Or at least that's what I'd do if I was in that same situation ;)Good luck!

  12. Ah, the age-old and universal writers' question! I say, finish the first draft — even if you just do a sketchy job at it. Embrace that NaNo speed-demon writer for just a few days/weeks longer until the entire first draft is done. Then unleash your inner editor and get revising. I know it's easier said than done — I know because I'm standing in your shoes over here! I'm getting the draft done first, while the forward momentum is good.Best of luck with it!

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