12 Days of Christmas

Don’t forget to visit yesterday’s post to tell me what you want to see on this blog, sign up to be interviewed, or ask your questions. 🙂

Now, are you up for some fun and chances to win great prizes??

Sarah Belliston has organized a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway and Blog Hop. Here’s how it works. 12 blogs have graciously decided to host giveaways.  Each giveaway has a day of Christmas and you can find links to them Here. All should have the giveaway up and running by the December 1st, and some are already up. You can enter any or all for the next two weeks. Starting on Dec. 13th, we’ll close the entries and announce one winner a day.

She asked me to participate and I’m really excited!! My spot is 8 Maids a Milking.

I’ve been trying to decide what to give away and I came up with two things I love to win the most.

An Amazon Gift Card ($15)
A First Chapter Critique
That’s right, there will be two winners on December 20th!

Now, I bet you’re wondering how you enter? Just fill out the form below. Nice and simple, no following, or tweeting, just enter. Note: you can click both boxes for prizes if you want to enter for both.

Contest is now Closed

About charitybradford

Science fiction and fantasy writer and blogger. My first novel is now available--The Magic Wakes (WiDo Publishing, 2013)

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  1. Well, that was easy! Where's the Staples button?

  2. Damn. You outdid me. My giveaway was only $10.00 and no critique…no nothing else really.

  3. WooHoo! Milk away maids. And thank you for the contest. I've thrown myself in 🙂

  4. Thanks for the contest! 🙂

  5. Whoops, I thought I stopped by earlier. I didn't comment yesterday either, did I? Oh right, I was still thinking…

  6. Great giveaway and I'm loving this blog hop! Oh, and I followed you anyway! Nice to meet you!! 😀

  7. Alex, still laughing about the Staples button. I really need one of those. Michael, sorry, didn't mean to out do you.Angela and Cari thanks for stopping by to enter.Liz, LOL, you are one of my best commenters. Give yourself a break. Thinking is good. Cortney, nice to meet you!Good luck to everyone!

  8. I came to check out your place when I heard about this blog hop. Such a cool idea!And your blog is even cooler. Following! 🙂

  9. so fun! yay! & thanks for doing it =)

  10. What a sweet idea! I hope you have a Merry Christmas Charity!

  11. Thanks for participating in the hop and for the giveaway opportunity. What a nice gift for writers and/or readers alike.

  12. I'd go for the gift certificate too but I don't wanna be greedy. Thank you for the fun spirit!

  13. New follower here. Nice to *meet* you. Thanks for the giveaway. I'd love that critique 😉

  14. Goodness, I got behind on my replies!Good luck to everyone!

  15. Awesome, Charity. And thanks for participating. This is fun 🙂

  16. Hi Charity! I'm here from Michael's blog. Great prizes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  17. First time visitor. I found your blog through Michael Offutt's blog. I love this Christmas idea. Thanks.

  18. That was definitely easy. And great giveaway choices, too. Awesome contest!

  19. Here via the blog hop, and wanted to say thanks for being a part of the giveaways. 🙂

  20. Awesome contest, thanks! 🙂

  21. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway:)Happy holidays!Sarah

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