Friday Fun–Crusader Challenge 2, Links and Music

The Second Crusade Challenge #2 is up and running on Rachael’s blog.

Write a flash fiction story (in any format) in 100 words or less, excluding the title. Begin the story with the words, “The goldfish bowl teetered” These four words will be included in the word count.

If you want to give yourself an added challenge (optional, and not part of the judging criteria), see if you can write the story in your own genre (eg if you’re a horror writer, write a horror story; a romance writer, a romance story, etc).

Here is mine. I’m quite happy with it and I think it’s the shortest thing I’ve ever written. Weighing in at just 55 words with the title, I give you my sci fi flavored Perspective.


The goldfish bowl teetered on the edge of God’s knee. A shiny blue and white marble floated in the black nothingness.

“My little humans trust me. It’s much safer in there than out here.” He gently pushed the tiny space ship off the lip of the bowl and watched it fall back toward earth.

I don’t think I’ve posted links in a while, so that’s what I’ll do today.

Links that I’ve enjoyed or learned something from in the last month or so:
I did everything wrong…and still got an agent. Perfect for a little bit of hope to keep us from giving up.
Know Thy Genre–just what it says, a practical and easy break down to figure out the genre of your book.
Myth Busting Part 1–from Rachelle Gardner on agent myths.
How to Write a Synopsis by Aimee Salter starts with a definition–Synopsis: tool of the Devil.
Heather shares what she learned about Pitching in 25 words or less.
Natalie tells us Don’t Knock the Query.
World Building in Short Stories.

And some music that I currently have a love affair with–for various reasons.


My favorite phrase is “sometimes you gotta lose til you win” so don’t give up!

Man, we all need to hear we’re perfect sometimes don’t we? So, this is to you from me…

Pretty pretty please,
don’t you ever feel
like you’re less than perfect…
New to me song that I just LOVE:

“The hardest part of ending is starting again.”

And finally, you know how much I love Breaking Benjamin? Well here is the acoustic version of The Diary of Jane. I can listen to this over and over and over…

I love when a harder rock group does something simple like this and its even better than the original. These guys can sing without the growl (that I also like).


About charitybradford

Science fiction and fantasy writer and blogger. My first novel is now available--The Magic Wakes (WiDo Publishing, 2013)

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  1. Your entry is so clever! Great visual imagery.

  2. Thanks Liz! I really enjoyed your entry too. I love that this challenge was quick.

  3. Flash fiction is really interesting.

  4. Wow, you made the flash fic even SMALLER! Impressive. Intriguing idea, too, good job. 🙂

  5. I love it! And I admire that you were able to get that in 55 words! Amazed!

  6. Luv it! I like the fact it was short and sweet. Ah, the lost art of brevity.

  7. Thanks everyone! So far I think everyone that's participated has done a super job. Maybe we should all practice being brief more often. LOL.

  8. Hey Charity, 55 words, wow. And great imagery!I had a problem with my linky link, so your entry's been lost 😦 Can you pop back and re-link please, so everyone can find you. So sorry about that!Hugs,Rach

  9. No problem Rach, heading over to re-link now.

  10. 55 words! That's great. Trying to keep mine under 100 was tough. I like the idea of flash fiction to get the brain cells thinking differently, but boy I struggled.AND, I love Pink's new song. Quite the motivation to keep going.

  11. Love your crusader entry – very visual. And thanks for the links too. I love the 'I did everything wrong, but…' one. He has very good advice – concentrate more on the writing than the query.

  12. Go Charity – even shorter than 100 words! I struggled with this one. Clearly flash fiction isn't my thing…

  13. Angela I agree, flash must use different brain cells, so this challenge was great. I need to learn how to be more specific and more concise in my novel as well.Cally, When I read that post I knew he was right. Lately I've been too caught up in the "race" of things. Everyone is querying so I have to do that too. Truth is, I need to concentrate on the writing so that when I do query there is something worth looking at. 🙂Adina, I can't come wait to read yours!

  14. I like the theme of this entry. Great fun! :O)

  15. Ooo…wow! Very nifty, and I love how you packed so much in so few words.

  16. Thanks for the links and I love the different take on the flash fiction for the crusade challenge!

  17. Interesting. I like trying to picture how that seemed to the occupants of the spaceship.

  18. Thanks Madeleine, Cherie, Summer and Ben! And Ben, sometimes I feel the hand of God pushing me back to earth. It's not pleasant, but often he pulls me in a new direction that turns out better than my original plan.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. So creative…nothing like bringing godlfish into Sci Fi. 🙂

  21. Very original and entertaining!Nikki

  22. This is beautiful – I had to read it again straight away! Really lovely.

  23. Ohhh.. how fun! I really want to see the rest of everyone's stories =)

  24. I really enjoyed your flash story. What a unique approach.

  25. I love your Crusading entry – so cute and puts amazing images in my mind 😉

  26. 55 words?!?! Lol! I could barely squeeze it down to 100! Geesh. But great visual! I love a lot of your songs.☺

  27. So short and sweet! I had such a hard time cutting down my words…

  28. Loved your entry. I wondered how you fit it down. It was terse, and tight. Excellent job.

  29. Loved your challenge entry! Very thought-provoking. And in such a short space, too. Bravo!

  30. Interesting entry: great imagery with brevity. Love it!

  31. Love this entry, awesome wordpainting!

  32. catherinemjohnson

    Excellent post, great imagery!

  33. Short and to the point. I loved it. You packed a big story in there!

  34. Ooh, I like your take on the Crusader challenge. Nicely done!

  35. I love your entry! Very visual in so few words! Great job!

  36. Whoa. I like this take on the challenge!

  37. Wow! Thank you everyone so much for stopping by. I'm enjoying everyone else's entries too. If I haven't been to yours yet, I'm coming. I promise!

  38. Hi there! I just wanted to say: I LOVED this flash fic! It was completely different from all the others I judged. Because of this, I chose you as one of the finalists for this challenge. I really hope you win. 🙂

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