Query Shark

Have you been to Query Shark? I like to go there and read queries and the comments that Janet Reid has to say. I sit and laugh and my hubby gives me funny looks. You should try it sometime. Well, I think I am sleep deprived because I just sent her my Sendek query letter. I know it isn’t quite there, but I’m at the point that I need brutal honesty to help me move forward again.

What in the world have I done?


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  1. Let us know how it goes!

  2. It's not so bad. I'm number 144. Sure, the first glance of her words is like "OMG. SHE HATES IT AND MY EXTENSION ME." But after I got past that moment and absorbed where she was going, I think she made my query 7000% better than it was before. She said she's got over 2500 waiting for a review, so good luck! I think I lucked out because my query was way too short AND had a horrible genre listing which made her scream aloud, I'm sure.

  3. I sent mine to her a month or so ago. Of course, I've now rewritten it entirely, lol. Good luck!

  4. I sent her mine in January! And mine too has been completely rewritten 300 times over… :)Good luck!

  5. Like Christi said, the Shark has over 2500 in her queue. I've heard her say she only picks queries that allow her to illuminate something new (I sent one in over a year ago; I don't think it will ever show up, and honestly, I hope it doesn't!).If you want quicker feedback, try Evil Editor. But read some of the Face Lifts first so you know what you're getting into.

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